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Cheap Web Hosting Pakistan

Ecommerce is booming in Pakistan. The country is creating a lot of web entrepreneurs who are turning to website-based selling of products and services. The massive adoption of 3G and 4G services have opened a new gateway to online commerce. And, it's not just for the locals, many webmasters find it easy to sell their products and services to American and European clients, if they have their own website. In addition, virtually every new business in Pakistan now looks for ways to create an active online presence through creation of business websites and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Thousands of new .pk and domains are being registered on daily basis. This is on top of the traditional .com and .net domains. Web hosting is required for most of these domains, and this is where this page will be useful for you.

Many Pakistani webmasters or bloggers starting their first website do not need high amount of resources. Most don't even know what the term means, or how it can impact the performance of their websites. Viral impact or none, a site needs a good web hosting company that is not only affordable, but also great when it comes to customer service.

Web hosting industry has matured a lot from its early days, when webmasters required a few MBs of data and a gigabyte or so of bandwidth. Today's websites are powered by popular content management systems, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal; or user-centric shopping cart (ecommerce) software like Magento or Prestashop etc. And, in order to run them properly, every one needs a good web host that knows what it's doing.

This page lists the best cheap web hosting sites, that have thousands of Pakistani clients.

The list hasn't been ranked; which means that it doesn't matter whether a company is sitting on the top or at the bottom; all are equal in our eyes in terms of offering cheap web hosting plans.

Please note that all the following companies take Pakistani clients. In order to sign up with them; you will either need to pay through a credit card or a debit card. Credit cards can be used online without any pre-approvals. And, 99% of the bank-issued debit cards in Pakistan can work with the hosting companies listed below.

Signing up with them is a straightforward procedure. Just click on the related order now/sign up etc., button when you visit the following websites and then go through the process. Your hosting account should usually be ready within hours.

Almost all hosting companies listed below (with the exception of hostgator) will want you to pay for one to two years in advance. This is a standard pricing model for the cheap web hosting providers. This way they can protect themselves from exorbitant (huge) processing fees collected by their backend credit card providers. The pricing is listed in "per month" basis however it is charged yearly (price x 12 or price x 24, months).

If a price package comes at $4 per month or Rs. 450 per month - in the checkout area you will have to pay a yearly total of this amount i.e., $48 or slightly over or below Rs. 5400 depending upon the prevailing exchange rate. Don't worry about the exact amounts. The credit card or the debit card you use will do all this automatically for you. All you need to do is to just press the pay button the final check out page.

The pricing of the hosting packages is listed in US Dollars and your card would be charged US dollars based on the available exchange rate. Since the rates are very low, even with the exchange rates applied by your bank, the total amount would not be more than a few thousand Pak rupees. Well worth it for a yearly payment. Women in Pakistan spend ten times on their makeup and clothes than the total yearly price one has to pay for a web hosting account listed on this page.

Inmotion Hosting - iPage - Bluehost - A2 Hosting - Green Geeks - HostGator - JustHost - Web Hosting Hub - HostMonster - FatCow - Cheap Web Hosting Companies

Inmotion Hosting

Launch is the name of the cheapest web hosting plan that this company sells. The pricing ($5.99 to $7.99 per month - between Rs. 500 to 1000 - is based on how long it's paid for) is packaged around discounts when a payment is made for a year or more. Personally, it's less headache. Pay and forget type deals are much better to manage for Pakistani bloggers who are just looking to host a blog, without necessarily making it look extravagant.

Their website is pumped up with deals and seasonal sales on their cheap hosting plans. It can get annoying at times, but come on they are trying to get a sale out of it. We make sure that our reviews are kept biased-free, which is why Inmotion hosting gets both the light-worded flak and the love.

We like Inmotion hosting. They are ancient, big and stable. Technologically, they might be behind the likes of Google or Amazon cloud services, but for normal non-corporate type customer, they are a perfect blend. Meaning, they offer cheap hosting plans while providing a decent level of customer service along the way.

There is lack of a good quality "about us" page on their website. It's hard to find out their background. We had to do our own research. The company has been in business since 2001, has hundreds of thousands of clients and provides nearly all kinds of web hosting products such as shared, dedicated, VPS; this includes specialized application-only hosting plans catering to software such as Wordpress and many others.

They seem to have a good company culture, and are quite open about posting the pictures of their employees (enjoying picnics and social events) on their website. Perhaps trying to portray a Google-like vibe. Either way, it's colorful and a welcomed approach to defining one's corporate outlook.

Inmotion Hosting is located in Virginia. It doesn't outsource to India or other places, which makes it a true American web hosting company. Many Pakistanis want to host their website with a provider that is physically located inside the U.S., and has local Americans providing all the technical support. Localization is an important factor nowadays, and Inmotion hosting seems to have gotten this bit right. Most of their clients come from the US anyways, therefore, their management has decided to keep their operations domestic.

Overall, Inmotion hosting is good choice for bloggers and small businesses looking for cheap hosting companies that have the muscle to handle large-scale customer profiles, but also the brand-visibility to capture a considerable chunk of the cheap web hosting market.

inmotion hosting

Shared Hosting with Free SSDs | InMotion Hosting in Pakistan
Shared Business Hosting plans at InMotion Hosting. Top-rated Shared Hosting solutions for small and medium businesses in Pakistan, now with FREE Solid-State Drives!


An oldie goldie web hosting provider that came into existence back in 1998 in Burlington, MA. It is owned by a publicly traded firm called Endurance International Group.

It sells only one hosting plan. It's cheap to buy ($1.99) if one is willing to pay for multiple years. Standard monthly payment is $7.99 (can change). One of the original hosting companies to have experimented with template-based website design to sell budget hosting for small websites. It's one of the companies that started the trend of low cost hosting that is sold on bulk basis to beginner webmasters and bloggers. Needless to say, they seem to have done well for themselves.

One of the other good aspects of iPage is (and it seems to have to do with EIG) its localized American support. It's also one of the very few providers that have a 100% physical presence in the United States. We'd imagine EIG buying out many other brands that depend on outsourced support, but at least this one doesn't. This is if these things really matter to you.

According to their website they have two data centers and around one million clients (yup one million!). They call themselves a leader in small business hosting, though we believe it's more a marketing line than reality. But, they do have thousands of hosting customers from within Pakistan.

The quality of technical support is good enough, though any person who has worked with websites before shouldn't need much of it to begin with. They have also segmented their offering to provide VPS and Wordpress hosting separately. They have built-in control panel called vDeck, which has a website builder (drag-and-drop); so it should rather be easy setting up websites, in case one is a complete newbie.

The only other advantage we could add to iPage review is that besides cheap web hosting, they also sell web design, PPC and SEO services to customers who have absolutely no idea on how to promote their website on Google. So, like it was mentioned above, iPage can be a great choice for small businesses and startup ecommerce shops.

ipage logo

Build Your Website with a Free Domain Name | iPage Web Hosting in Pakistan
Creating your own website has never been easier. iPage's web hosting includes a drag-and-drop website builder, free domain registration, and 24/7 support. It has thousands of Pakistani hosting customers.


Another property of EIG, it's one of the largest and most prominent cheap web hosting companies on the planet. Kind of the pioneers of one-plan-for-all type cheap web hosting. The company is currently headquartered in Provo, Utah. Every week dozens of people from within Pakistan open up accounts with them.

Bluehost is truly massive for a provider that sells cheap web hosting. They have a 50,000 square feet data center and employs close to 1,000 people. Being the size it is right now, it has faced numerous challenges in the past several years ranging from less than average customer support, to bowing to government pressure (censoring or outright deleting websites).

But, despite these PR setbacks, Bluehost is primarily a stable and well-structured operation. The stability that its weight provides ultimately ends up in the interest of its clients. It's not a fly-by-night host. The company has a lot of investor capital and infrastructural resources committed to it. Any user of their web hosting would generally be in good hands.

Unlike other brands of EIG, this hosting provider sells three shared hosting plans. The pricing of their cheapest plan (called Basic) hovers around $2.95 per month ( Rs. 300 per month over), when paid for a year or more. Since being a template-based corporate entity, there's little difference between Bluehost and other companies owned by EIG. The level of service one would get would be nearly the same as of its other brands.

Wordpress hosting is sold as a specialized plan by Bluehost. Any person who has basic internet skills should be able to use both wordpress and bluehost without much effort.

All in all, Pakistanis looking for a positive Bluhost review before they buy their plan, should probably go ahead and open an account with them. The stability level alone should be the number one reason to open a hosting account with them.


Fast & Secure Shared Hosting - Bluehost in Pakistan
Bluehost provides fast and secure shared web hosting plans to get your website off the ground quickly. They serve over 2,500 clients (hosting over 6,000 websites) from with Pakistan.

A2 Hosting

This provider's history goes back to early 2004. Initially an unknown entity, most of their popularity picked up after 2014; possibly powered by their website redesign and exclusive partnerships with top marketing affiliates. Either way, nowadays it's considered a big player in the industry and needs little review or introduction in the nerd circles.

The cheapest web hosting plan that A2 hosting sells is called Lite. The pricing starts from $3.92 per month (Rs. 500 rupees approx), when paid for longer terms (year or more etc.). Otherwise the monthly damage is a measly $7.99 US dollars (Over Rs.1000). The unique thing is that this package comes with free SSL, and the site is hosted on SSD-enabled servers (good for website loading times).

Their website is designed quite well; pretty much provides all the information needed for any person looking for in-depth technical level details in to the type of supported technologies and data center specifics. Even for the non-technical mom and pop type bloggers, this cheap hosting company is a great choice.

Their technical support scores high ratings, but most of these praises do come from affiliate sites. We did an independent assessment by buying their Lite package, and testing out their technical support response times. We'd end up giving them 8/10 points. They aren't excellent, but good enough for most Pakistanis.

It's one of the very few cheap hosting providers besides Inmotion Hosting that provide cPanel; an aging, but still the most popular website management control panel. So, Pakistanis looking to switch to A2 hosting should know that they're fully cPanel-compliant. In addition to Shared; VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and Reseller (for webmasters who want to start their own hosting company) hosting packages are also sold on their site.

Their customers are able to host Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla Magento, Opencart web applications. Most of these software can be installed within seconds inside cPanel.

A2 hosting is a standard cheap web hosting provider that has a very reasonable capacity to handle the variable needs of small businesses and bloggers, to corporate-level customers.


Buy an A2Hosting Package from within Pakistan
A2 Hosting has thousands of Pakistani web hosting customers. Host your blog or ecommerce store with them.

Green Geeks

Another early cheap hosting era web host that has been around since 2004. It's now owned and managed by EIG. The entire web hosting industry has been going through a consolidation phase; large public companies are buying out smaller web hosting companies and neutralizing the impact of the potential competition. This is one of the reasons why so many hosting sites listed on this page are the property of one giant firm.

There nothing special to review about Green Geeks other than the fact that their cheapest hosting plan costs $3.95 per month (over Rs. 400 - paid yearly or more) and that it's another one-solution-fits-all firm. The real deal comes about with the level of customer service. Our testing has resulted in a positive experience; their top management is all US-located (but can handle Pakistani clients just fine, and they have around 35,000 customers on their books, hosting 300,000+ websites.

Green Geeks sells Wordpress only cheap web hosting plan on top of their regular offering in order to capture the ever growing market for CMS-powered websites. They aren't the biggest Wordpress host out there, but anyone wanting to install Wordpress should be able to do so with ease and simplicity.

Green Geeks Hosting

Website Hosting by GreenGeeks® in Pakistan
Web Hosting. Unlimited SSD Web Space & Data Transfer. SECURE IMAP/POP3 E-mail Accounts. Unlimited Domains on 1 Account. 99.9% Service Uptime. Only for Pakistan.


Okay, it's probably becoming a joke by now, but HostGator is also owned and managed by EIG. At one point, this company was the fastest growing tech startup in Texas. It's still the biggest cheap web hosting company on the internet. Pretty much the father of all budget web hosting providers.

HostGator was started by a person called Brent Oxley in 2002 in Houston, Texas. He managed to turn this company into a giant cheap web hosting provider; a good part of that success goes into profitable affiliate partnerships this company secured early on in its life. The founder for good or bad reasons decided to sell the company and now it's the property of EIG, that has so far managed to take it further and make it better.

HostGator has had its fair share of negative reviews attached to it, but it's mostly got to do with the post sell-out transition process that happened a few years ago. The sheer magnitude of the scale this company operates on is quite impressive. Hostgator has millions of websites hosted on its network, with at least 10,000 plus web hosting customers from within Pakistan alone. There is no doubt that this company is huge. With such a mass, problems are bound to occur; however, this also shows the depth of trust customers have in this web host. There is a reason why HostGator is still the largest web hosting company on the internet.

The cheapest web hosting plan that HostGator sells is called Hatchling, and it costs $2.75 per month (Rs, 300 rupees) to buy. Its specs are ample for startup to mid-sized websites that are expecting up to 10,000 to 50,000 visitors per month. HostGator has also worked on increasing the quality level of its customer service in the past year or so. New customers who have recently bought a web hosting plan from them are impressed with the significant improvement of their customer support.

hostgator hosting

Hostgator Website Hosting in Pakistan
With shared web hosting plans from HostGator, we make it easy to quickly get your website off the ground. Visit them today. They have tons of Pakistani customers.


Another brand owned by EIG. They sell only one webhosting plan and it's cheap to buy. Costs $3.95 per month (certain terms apply). All in all, it's a cheap but decent web hosting services company that has been around for quite sometime and does manage to provide above-average technical support.

Justhost Logo

Web Hosting | JustHost in Pakistan
From a Pakistani business owner to the individual who desires full functionality on a small budget, Just Host provides your complete plans.


The management behind Web Hosting Hub is the same as Inmotion Hosting. This budget webhost has been around since 2004 and is operationally attached to Inmotion hosting. Based out of Virginia, the company employs over 200 US based staff and provides cheap web hosting to over 3,000 Pakistani clients.

The cheapest plan web hosting hub sells is called Spark. It costs only $4.99 per month (over Rs. 500)to buy (will need a year or more in commitment). Comes with a free domain and all the support for popular software like Wordpress etc., including SSDs (solid-state drives) that are needed for speedy loading of websites.

web hosting hub

Create Your Own Website Today | Web Hosting Hub in Pakistan
Need a new drag and drop website builder? Get BoldGrid, included free on all Hub hosting plans. Pakistanis welcome with open arms.


Size-wise it's at the same level as BlueHost and is quite an old and established cheap web hosting provider. It's owned by EIG and sells only one plan that costs $4.95 per month (over Rs. 500 - needs to be paid for a year or more for the pricing to become applicable). All the standard features of a typical cheap hosting package are present. The customer service is also reasonable and overall it's an OK company, Pakistani web developers and coders can sign up with them.


Web Hosting Features | HostMonster in Pakistan
From the business owner to the Pakistani bloggers or ecom store owners who desire full functionality on a small budget, HostMonster provides your complete web hosting solution in Pakistan.


It's probably the cheapest web hosting services provider out there. With its unique website design and a funny and cool approach to web hosting; thousands of Pakistani web developers and bloggers have opened up accounts with this company in past several years.

It sells only one web hosting plan (called MiniMoo lol), possibly the cheapest listed on this page, costs only $49 per year (over Rs. 5,000 and yes the amount is applicable for 12 months). This cheap hosting plan even comes with a free domain and an awesome technical support team.

Here's a fact about FatCow. It was born in 1998 and is one of the original cheap web hosting companies on the internet. Being in operation for such a long time, they are older than Facebook and Twitter; and nearly as old as Google. So, they know what they are doing when it comes to hosting sites.

For our review of this cheap web hosting provider, we recommend FatCow for all types of websites; this includes Wordpress blogs and other ecommerce-focused businesses. So, whether one is just starting a small business, or needs a hosting plan for multiple websites, doesn't matter; Fatcow has been tried and tested for years, so there is nothing to worry about. And don't fret, if one needs more resources, FatCow also sells VPS and dedicated server hosting.


Web Hosting by FatCow in Pakistan
FatCow Web hosting plan is a robust, all-in-one Web hosting solution that includes everything you need to put your business or personal site online. They have many Pakistani clients.

Cheap web hosting companies for Pakistanis

How to choose a very good web hosting company

The first question one needs to ask if one needs hosting for a startup website or a well-established web destination. Most Pakistani web hosting customers come under the startup or small-scale category and do not need demanding dedicated/cloud computing resources. But, even for high-end packages, almost all web hosting companies listed on this page provide VPS and dedicated server solutions.

The web hosting industry has contracted to a point, where nearly 80% of the popular cheap web hosting companies are now owned by EIG, or a similar big business group. It doesn't matter in the end, which company one opens an account with; chances are high that one would end up with the same provider.

Also, what really matters is customer support and most of all cheap pricing. Let's face it, the only reason you are visiting this page is because you are searching for cheap web hosting providers on the internet. If pricing is the main priority then the brand name should be irrelevant.

Web hosting companies listed on this page provide a reasonable level customer service. Their best feature is their budgetary pricing model. If your website needs a high-end mission critical hosting solution, a good option would be to opt for a managed cloud hosting plan offered by Google and Amazon. Though, it must be said that your website will then, move out of the cheap budget hosting type container into a more complex setup. A good cloud hosting solution from Google, for example, can cost hundreds to a few thousand dollars per month.

Also, the terms of plans listed on this page are usually valid for year or more. And, the pricing readjusts itself to a higher quotation once the term (12 to 48 months) expires. Therefore, if a cheap package is really what you are looking for then; it's better to learn to switch web hosting companies. The process is not very hard, but in the end totally depends on your choice. If you want to save money and don't care for the hassle, then by all means change hosts; but if you want stability, the cheapness of the web hosting plan you buy from the companies listed on this page are time-barred.

In any case, the web hosting companies listed on this page will take care of 90% of the requirements of Pakistanis. And, for hosting a website expect to spend at least $100 to $150 (over Rs.10,000) per year at bare minimum (it's worth it) even with the cheapest web hosting providers out there.

Thank you for visiting this page.